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Alisha Trimble

Alisha Trimble is a fashion designer specializing in Ready to Wear looks with avant- garde elements. With a unique vision & a power to translate the idea into a visual language, Alisha works as Creative Director for various print & web media outlets. Since starting her label in New York City in 2004, each season her collection tells a unique & sophisticated story. This Spring-Summer, expect new-nautical looks with a contemporary point of view.

Andre Walker

Designer Andre Walker is coming to Pop Souk with his critically acclaimed publication TIWIMUTA (This Is What It Made Us Think About). “It’s radically improbable and the most practically impossible thing you could imagine”, he said in the NY Times about the publication of which he’s creative director. Sounds very much like Pop Souk itself!

Arms & Armory

Arms & Armory is a New York based jewelry line designed by sister duo Christina Rodriguez, 1/3 of Sixsix Silk, and Riza Rodriguez. Arms & Armory is the product of their mutual love for art history, ancient cultures and magic.


Badacious adds a viciously different style on accessories. We believe in bringing unique, beautiful one of a kind “experiences” that will funk you up!


BCALLA is a Brooklyn based fashion label dedicated to the mantras, “bad taste is best taste”, “more is more”, and “there is not gender”.

Ben Copperwheat

Ben Copperwheat is an exciting, new lifestyle brand, based in Brooklyn, New York. Producing vibrant and unique screen-printed clothing, art and interior pieces.

Billy Beyond Eyewear

Billy Beyong Eyewear is the world’s only framless eyewear. This revolutionary design is minimalism to the utmost extreme. Ultimate style, affordable and outrageous, Billy Beyond Eyewear is unique and within reach no matter what your budget.

Black Milk Project + Ri-Edizione (Edition)

Black Milk Studio Project is a Brooklyn-based operation started by two artists. Jason Radgers is a photographer. Luigi Mazzel is a graphic artist, whose medium of choice is screen-printing. The t-shirt project is based on current graphic information collected, considered and reconfigured.

Blind Contours by Ian Sklarsky

Ian Sklarsky draws in the style of Blind Contour. Without picking up the pen and looking at the paper, he creates an abstract representation of the object in front of him. Returning to Pop Souk, he will be drawing portraits of people as they sit down and reflect on themselves.

Bomby x Mori Vintage

High/low vintage, lovingly curated in Brooklyn, NY.

Boom & Birdy Bright

Boom & Birdy Bright, the one and only store for funk-a-lisious stuff with SpUnK! We cater a mix of vintage and contemporary to you, the bizarre, the brilliant and the broke bon tons of fashion! At Pop Souk we’re a selection of both new designers’ sundry knits as well as vintage pieces that are truly unique. “If it isn’t unique- it isn’t chic!”


CHRISHABANA is known for taking gothic iconography and filtering it through a pop lens. The New York bases designer’s jewelry collection is playful yet subversive, featuring signature cross and geometric cage pieces.


Chromat focuses on structural experiments for the human body. At this seasons Po Souk, Chromat will be debuting new swim, leather and bralettes along with our signature Chromat cages.

From Troy to Babylon

Living adornement for body and home.

Coco and Breezy

We are an eyewear focused company. The Coco and Breezy brand creates fashionable and functional sunglasses.


CYBER_BOY_UNLIMITED_BRAND_NAME is a fashion design experiment by James Astronaut (aka Shock Diamond), embracing the new era of techno-consciousness and ultra-terrestrial awareness, engaging auto enlightenment techniques through meta-linguistics and hyper-visual therapy. Each CYBER_BOY_UNLIMITED_BRAND_NAME design consists of only black and white, as a reduction to an aesthetic lowest common denominator, polarized realities, an achromatic unreality, the most ideal union and discord. All pieces are manufactured by Whatever21 in Brooklyn, NY.

Daniel Silverstein

Daniel Silverstein is a New York based designer who was most recently seen as a finalist on the NBC series Fashion Star. His ‘zero waste’ design techniques and sexy body-con dresses have been sold by specialty retailers around the world. Daniel will be at Pop Souk with some of his signature styles including flirty summer lace dresses, and sexy slashed looks all made in the USA.

Deryck Todd

Founded in 2009, Deryck Todd’s haberdashery always has necks snapping and jaws dropping. His hats have adorned the heads of supermodel Raquel Zimmermann, stylist June Ambrose and featured in the pages of Vogue Italia, Seventeen and Paper Magazines. Each of his creations are meticulously adorned by hand with dynamic crystals, spikes, chains and pure lust for dramatic glamour, found at luxury boutiques Patricia Field and Any Old Iron in New York City; Korean boutique Daily Projects, Singapore’s Night Vision and soon to Dubai.

Genevieve Clifford

Genevieve Clifford is a Brooklyn based fashion label focused on cuts and imagery; with an emphasis in quality and fabrics.

Gypsy Sport

Gypsy Sport is a street wear brand from Harlem. Leather caps, knick knacks, and recycled embellishments, inspired by religion and culture. The look is ethnic and athletic.


Hats challenge and summon the viewer on a universal level, as if a mythological mind/storyteller walks among us now. Not just borrowing from past aesthetics, but building on a cosmology that links the modern world with our past, our vision is to rekindle the glamour and magic of haute couture hats as a hallmark for the fashionable futurist’s 21st century wardrobe.

Jet Olivia

Transformational, handcrafted jewelry. Modern design inspired by the ancient esoteric. Tribal sensibility using industrial materials and precious, ethically-mined jewels.

Klub Kid Vintage

80s and 90s vintage clothing. Hand curated from all over the world.

La China Loca

“I enjoy the transformative nature of a hat and the ability of a hat to elevate the mood of the wearer as well as the admirer” – Anonymous


Ladyfag sold vintage clothing and antiques in Canada for over a decade. After moving to New York and throwing parties for the underground creatures by night and dabbling with fashion and style by day. She decided to combine the forces and thus the idea for Pop Souk was born. Her compulsive collecting of costumes has caused her closet much calamity. There will be oddities and treasures sold right out of it at Pop Souk from Ladyfag to you.

Liz Collins

Liz Collins is a New York City-based artist and designer, recognized internationally for her use of machine knitting to create ground breaking clothing, textiles, performances and installations. At this edition of Pop Souk, Collins offers special pieces of her limited edition knitwear and accessories, including a brand new collection of covetable sweaters for fall, available for pre-order exclusively at this event.

Martin Keehn

Contemporary men’s casual sportswear, inspired by pop culture and life’s icons.

Materia Prima

Transformational, handcrafted jewelry. Modern design inspired by the ancient esoteric. Tribal sensibility using industrial materials and precious, ethically-mined jewels.

Michael Magnan

Multi-disciplinary artist, DJ and graphic designer.

Naomi Yasuda

Naomi Yasuda is a true artist in her approach to nail design. Her work has graced the fingers of umpteen music videos and editorials. She created the nails for sale at Gaga’s workshop at Barney’s and this year at Pop Souk she will be doing nail designs for you on site!

Nettie Kent Jewelry

Nettie Kent creates ethereal, handcrafted jewelry in Brooklyn, NY. Summers on the beach and winters in Brooklyn influence all of Nettie’s designs, a mix of organic shapes cast in rough golden metals contrasted with soft leathers. Nettie seamlessly juxtaposes the two worlds she inhabits, the urban and the seashore, using an ethical approach to jewelry making that emphasizes sustainable design and sourcing recycled materials.

New York Couture

New York Couture is limited edition and one-of-a-kind clothing with a harmonious blend of pun-rock cool, ultra-glam and prima ballerina. New York Couture has been worn by celebrities such as Katy Perry, Pink, Agyness Deyn, Leelee Sobieski, and some of our favourite fabulous New Yorker’s!


OAK is a New York City and Brooklyn based boutique known for servin’ up cutting edge men’s and women’s designer clothes along with their own A.OK collection. The staff will be there with a custom OAK photobooth, taking pics of you – our fabulous Pop Souk shoppers!

Omar Alexander

Omar started out at Patricia Field’s Eponymous boutique. In the years following Omar has established himself as one of New York’s most sought after stylists having styled for Harper’s Bazaar, Vmagazine among other publications. His outlandish and extravagant stylings give way to his new line REGALIA VORTEX which he says is” Aristocrat Meets Mutant Meets Urbanite”. Regalia Vortex consists of leather goods , T-shirts and and other curiosities both vintage and modern.

Panda Eyes

Unisex occult streetwear brand by Alyssa Panda Eyes, withccraft, and occultism blended with hip-hop style and an eye for high fashion minimalism.


PreciousMetalCid jewelry, available at PatriciaField.com since 2007, and more recently added at Vianova in Brooklyn, is a continuum of precious metal series by Cid Scantlebury. In addition to jewels and photographs, for the past few years Cid has been stewing up concoctions of boozy fruits. She’ll be bringing a cross section of the Cid-trifecta-liciousness for her first Pop Souk


Gems shine against bare bone, cold metal keys with soft white pearls, your eyes grow wide as you wrap your mind around what you’re seeing, you NEVER imagined, PUREVILE!


Restler explores the intriguing design and pattern found in the often overlooked curiosities of the world around us. Made in Brooklyn, NY.


RHLS is a clothing line focussed on challenging the expectations of what a garment can be. Combining function and color block RHLS creates products that fulfill a deficit of style and utility. Leading by example, RHLS advocates for healthy working conditions: All garments are made in NYC

Société Perrier

Société Perrier has been a Pop Souk sponsor since day one! Société Perrier is a guide to fashion, music, art, travel, nightlife, cocktail culture, adn global hotspots. Société Perrier will be once again providing you all with free bubbles to sip on as you shop!

Species By The Thousands

Jewelry inspired by outsider worlds of moons, witchcraft, bearded men, wild animals and 1970s nostalgia.

Theresa Dapra

Escape into Theresa Dapra’s world by adorning yourself in the exquisite accessories. Each piece is a dream gone wild and never for the faint at heart.

Treehouse Brooklyn

Treehouse Brooklyn is a gem of a shop selling local designers and curated vintage with an eclectic and eco-forward twist. Featuring the in-house clothing and jewelry lines, Sirius* and Sirius Lux.

Triple Gemini Vintage

Unique vintage and designer clothing with a bent toward the avant garde.

Tse Hey

Playful jewels with juxtaposing styles of hard-soft, sweet-sleek, uptown-downtown, and glam-rock. Material such as pearls and semi-precious stones are combined with spikes and hardware to create versatile pieces that can be worn at a punk show as easily to the ballet.

Veritee Hill

With her highly stylized, ultra-feminine and dramatic designs, British born self taught fashion designer Veritee Hill has become a sought after talent. Veritee Hill is known mainly for her expertise in corsetry, work in latex, millinery design and one of a kind creations.


VFILES: Specializing in the practical and impractical. It’s where fashion fans discover, create, and share. A professional image bank, social network and fashion news source in one, VFILES brings photographers, stylists, designers, models, artists and enthusiasts together on common ground.

Vita Liberta

VITA E LIBERTA, from the Italian meaning “Life and Liberty”, produces beautifully handcrafted bracelet designs that evoke the cool and carefree spirit of downtown New York City. All materials, trims and labor are proudly sourced out of Manhattan’s Garment District and Lower East Side.

Walt Cassidy

Jewelry design collaboration between Walt Cassidy, artist, and BOEHM JLWS, a San Francisco/New York based jewelry company.


Whatever 21 offers ONLY 100% authentic offbranded streetwear. Guaranteed OFFICIAL apparel.

Ying Chu

Ying is a stape on the downtown scene who designs a fun, hip brand with great relaxed everyday pieces.


Yuasa strives to create clothing that is simple yet powerful, paying homage to the modern American design aesthetic: minimal, experimental, and innovative. The subtle nature of Yuasa is derived from the belief in creating consciously designed products with an understated quality. As a brand we intend to develop a lifestyle for those who wear Yuasa, creating pieces that are effortless and ultimately wearable.

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